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Samstag, 15. April 2017 | 20:30 Uhr


The Winner Of 'Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis'

Oriental-Pop meets Rock !

?The attractive German-Turkish singer will certainly win over more than just Oriental-Pop fans with her album “MY LIFE“. It's a fascinating combination of Western pop music, Arabian elements and rock sounds that make her music so unique – an ingenious mixture! Mystical, mysterious and beautiful at the same time: ALYZEE is a very special artist which is apparent the first time you see her. Her live performances with her band are powerful and energetic. The charismatic singer knows how to charm her audience with her skills.

ALYZEE was born in Gaziantep/Turkey not far from the Syrian border. She moved to Germany with her family at the tender age of 2 years. Shortly after that, her mother died. The loss of her beloved mother sat deep. Even as a little girl, ALYZEE would listen to music in her room, especially when she missed her. “Music helps me cope with sadness. It heals my soul“, says the singer today.?

After ALYZEE was crowned Germany’s most beautiful Turkish women through the “Miss Germany Association”, it looked as if a career as a model was predestined. She received many offers for photo-shoots. But the freshly crowned beauty queen chose a different path, because music is and always was her true passion. She landed her first direct hit in the Turkish community with her song “Why Do I“. The Turkish TV stations also took notice of this self-made popstar and she performed on many big shows, such as “Pazar Keyfi“, “Okan Bayülgen“ and “Son Ütücü (comparable to TV Total/Wetten Dass)”. One year later, she sang the song “Ya Habibi” with the Egyptian Superstar Hisham Abbas and captivated the United Arbabian Emeriates for months.

In the same year she was able to develop her own unique style and began writing her music and lyrics.? ALYZEEs songs go straight to the heart. They tell episodes of her moving life. They are stories, not only of suffering and sadness but also of joy and hope. The result is a dance of cultures, Oriental Pop-Rock at it's finest. One of the songs of this diverse artist can be heard on the soundtrack for Hollywood film by director Uwe Boll. Originally, “only“ ALYZEEs talent as an actress was planned for the film “Bloodrayne 3“, but her emotional and powerful song “Never Let You Down“ impressed producer Uwe Boll so much that he placed the song in the film.

After all of her grandiose international successes in the past year, ALYZEE ultimately wants to break through into the German market. With her album “MY LIFE“ she manages to achieve straightaway what very few pop artists do: she touches the heart of people, no matter what culture they belong to – the beginning of an Oriental fairy tale.


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